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01: Toast by Nigel Slater

In Autobiography, Books, Non-Fiction on 04/01/2013 at 12:00 pm
52 Books 01 Toast by Nigel Slater

“A well-thumbed copy was given to me by my mum last month.”

The book that I happen to be reading at the moment is Toast by Nigel Slater. A well-thumbed copy was given to me by my mum last month. What better recommendation could there be, than a recommendation from one’s own mother?

I’m now 29 years old,  happily living with my retired parents, and helping to care for my father who is elderly. Although, according to the well established cliché, my mum does indeed do my clothes washing, one of life’s simple pleasures that I continue to partake in is cooking. I enjoy the whole process of going to the shop, finding bargains, and then thinking of things that will go well together.

Nigel Slater is the kind of writer who’s enthusiasm and expertise for cooking, often accompanied by a warm openness for the telling of anecdotes, brightly shines from the pages of his much loved writing. But Toast, unlike Slater’s cookery books, is a memoir rather than a book about cooking. In fact, the autobiography works so well as an imaginative story depicting 1960’s Britain that it has been made into a BBC film. I’ve not seen the film yet, but my opinion of the book is as follows: it’s an easy to read, well organised memoir that will have you laughing out loud along the way. By well organised, I mean that each short anecdote is given a food based heading such as Heinz Sponge Pudding (pg.50); and by laughing out loud, I don’t mean it in the LOL sense, more in the warm smile inside of your heart sense.

If you like your books to be very English, very enjoyable, and if you like your books to be about food, then you’ll love this book. It’s a book about a boy’s hunger and a man’s obsession with relating everything to food. Whether you grew up in the 60’s or not, this book is sure to evoke many up-and-down childhood memories, and have you relating life to food long after you’ve put the book down. Toast is proof that if we write about our life organised into little categories, than somehow we’ll be saying something about ourselves, life, and stuff in the wider society.

That’s it! My first post! Book 01 of 52!

  1. Hey, nice blog concept! It has inspired me to do the same. Thanks for the inspiration (and nice first choices!).

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