Dan Sandman

23: The Penguin Atlas of African History by Colin McEvedy

In Books, History, Non-Fiction on 07/06/2013 at 12:00 pm

This concise history book, presented in atlas format, provides a brief account of African society. Inside are sixty clear maps, categorised chronologically into different historical periods, with additional drawings and text. The drawings illustrate various movements of peoples, territories and explorers. Alongside, the text offers a succinct overview of African history beginning with the splitting of, the huge super-continent, Pangea and finishing with the end of the colonial era in 1994.

The Penguin Atlas of African History by Colin McEvedy

This well ordered history, drawing on archaeological findings for its pre-history and established historical narratives later, works as an effective introduction to the continent. Inside, we discover that Africa’s story is the story of humankind: its early evolution, the rise and fall of great kingdoms and empires, and the massive population growth that continues to effect societies today. It’s the story of where humanity begun to evolve and where we have ended up today.

In summery, The Penguin Atlas of African History is an excellent book for someone (like me) who is looking for an interesting introduction to African history. I found it in my local library and chose it because I wanted to improve my general knowledge without going into too much detail. It is a short, well presented book containing many general insights into a fascinating area of history. Now that this book has given me a good general overview of a subject that appeals to my interests, I feel encouraged to carry out more further reading.

One book always leads to another – if only there were time to read them all.


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