Dan Sandman

38: Grimm Tales by Philip Pullman

In Adventure, Books, Fiction on 20/09/2013 at 12:00 pm

Grimm Tales by Philip PullmanOnce two brothers called Grimm collected fairy tales and turned them into a famous book. For two hundred years the famous book would be read to children and adults the world over. People liked the famous book because it was about what happens next in the story. The characters in the famous book went on adventures in a world of magic. Nobody stopped to think about why they did things and nobody questioned how an enchanted prince turned a cottage into a palace. That would have been silly.

Then one day all sorts of analysers started to analyse. Psychologists scratched their head when they thought about a king who wanted to marry his daughter. Feminists wondered whether perfectly innocent storytelling was in fact an attempt to undermine womankind. A rich man gave names to the seven dwarfs and made a packet of money. And so the story went on for two hundred years.

Now in the big city lived a storytelling man who had written some big books about magical goings on. He had a good idea to study the two brothers’ famous book and lots of famous books like it and make a book of his very own. When he had made it he sent it off to the critical people who started to criticise. The critical people said it was very good and gave it lots of stars for being a very good book. The storytelling man was very happy and enjoyed a slap-up meal with his wife.

Later on, a musical-teaching man, who also lived in the big city, had an equally good idea to study the storytelling man’s book. When the musical-teaching man opened the storytelling man’s book something wonderful happened. A magic spell was cast that turned the musical-teaching man into a child again. Suddenly he had forgotten that he had lived for five half-dozen years and his head turned into a sparkly Christmas tree. On the tree were lots of nice presents that could be given whenever someone wanted to be turned into a child again.

The storytelling man and the musical-teaching man lived happily ever after in the big city.

  1. Then the musical-teaching man wrote some songs about the magical stories to delight his younger students? (That’s my imaginary ending, anyway 🙂 )

    • Very good idea!

      Sometimes it can be great fun to ask my younger students to compose a few tunes and lyrics themselves. You’d be amazed by how imaginative young people can be!

      After all, children do spend a lot of time reading concise stories. Indeed, now I come to think of it, many songs are very much like extremely short stories or poems!

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