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41: The Cambridge Companion to the Guitar by Victor Anand Cohelo

In Books, Music, Non-Fiction on 10/10/2014 at 12:00 pm

The Cambridge Companion to the Guitar by Victor Anand CoheloFist published in 2003, and part of the respected Cambridge companion series, this book presents twelve essays about the guitar. Spread across a wide range of topics, from blues to baroque guitar, the essays celebrate the breadth and variety of the instrument. With great care, Victor Anand Cohelo has compiled a rewarding textbook, to be commended for its diversity.

The work is inclusive, both in its content and its general tone, treating rock guitar and classical guitar with equal esteem. This commendable approach, to an instrument that has often been derided in academic circles, validates guitar history as a subject worthy of study. The book begins with world traditions (flamenco / Celtic / African), moves onto the twentieth century (jazz / roots / rock), and concludes with a part about baroque and classical guitar today. Each essay, appropriately explores the players and instruments behind the music, gives relevant musical examples, and draws on the similarities and differences between the areas covered.

As a guitar teacher and professional musician with a wide interest in music, I appreciate the array of styles and traditions discussed within this indispensable resource. For anyone with a serious interest in the guitar, this excellent companion is bound to provide something new and exciting. Broad yet specific, academic yet accessible, The Cambridge Companion to the Guitar is a must read for any serious guitar student.

I will be referring to it within my teaching.


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