Dan Sandman

34: The Handbook to Literary Research by Delia da Sousa and W.R. Owens

In Books, Literature, Non-Fiction on 21/08/2015 at 12:00 pm

The Handbook to Literary Research by Delia da Sousa and W.R. OwensLiterary research will be an important part of my MA in English at the Open University. This prescribed book will work as a helpful companion to my studies. Written by teachers for students, it is organized into a series of helpful and informative chapters. Each chapter includes citations and internet links to encourage further study.

It is the kind of reference book that can be dipped into whenever a question arises. The opening chapter ‘Tools of the Trade’ will be particularly useful to those considering post-graduate or PhD level literary research. There are also useful chapters on the relatively new discipline of book history, the institutionalization of literary theory, and several more relevant subjects, which would be of interest to any twenty-first century literature student. All sections are presented in manner which is both comprehensive and academically secure.

But this text book is also very easy to follow and edited in an equally accessible way. Although there are a number of different writing styles included in the text, each writer has made sure that the writing is set to teach. And so, the book is not overly academic and teaches the basics first. An accomplished companion for anyone interested in conducting literary research.



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