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39: Finn Family Moomintroll

In Adventure, Books, Fiction on 25/09/2015 at 12:00 pm

Finn Family Moomintroll by Tove JanssonMoomintroll lives in Moominhouse with Moominmama and Moominpapa and the Snork Maiden and the Hemulen and Snufkin and (later in the story) Thingamy and Bob. Moominhouse is located in Moomin Valley, which is quite near the Lonely Mountains and the cave, and not too far from Hattifattener’s Island (the Hattifatener’s, it should be mentioned, are cucumber shaped creatures with wavy little hands). On their adventures, Moomintroll and his friends meet lots of quite scary characters, like the Ant-lion (who lives in a hole in the sand) and the Groke (who doesn’t really look dangerous). Quite often, something magical happens to Moomintroll and his friends. Sometimes the Hobgoblin’s hat might turn the river into raspberry juice, or they find the King’s Ruby inside the Groke’s suitcase (if you don’t know what a Groke is, please ask your mother, who is bound to know).

All of these adventures are really very exciting for adult readers, especially because the pictures are so expertly drawn. The late Tove Jansson (1914 – 2001) had a very wonderful imagination. Her Moomin books are the funniest, saddest and most philosophical books in the world. Do not be surprised if you find yourself tearful during chapter 7 (which is very long), or bursting into laughter at one of Jansson’s ironic footnotes (which are scattered at the bottom of various pages – like they are when professors write big books about extremely important stuff).

Moomin Valley is much like lots of places that I’ve been to, but it’s much more fun. Strange happenings seem to occur everyday, characters aren’t afraid to think about life’s serious questions, and everyone is a bit kinder to outsiders (even scary ones) then they tend to be in most places. So that’s why I like to go there, to visit the forests of Finland at bedtime. It makes me see that the world is much nicer than in the newspapers, and helps me to drift into sweeter dreams.

When I switch off the light.


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