Dan Sandman

11: Darkchild by Sydney J. van Scyon

In Books, Fiction, Science Fiction on 11/03/2016 at 12:00 pm

Darkchild by Sydney J. van ScyocI enjoy science fiction, especially the novels of H.G Wells. As a genre, SF is able to transport the reader to fantasy landscapes and make predictions based on science. I would recommend The Time Machine (1895) to anyone with an interest in fiction and / or scientific theory. Wells is brilliant at capturing the scientific imagination of his era, and has barely been dated by one hundred years of technological advancement.

In some ways, Darkchild (1982) is arguably an advancement on Wells’ late nineteenth century scientific romances, seeing as it explores late twentieth centuries theories of space travel. The story is based in a time when the human race has journeyed to different planets, presumably in the distant future. Each separate race of people have technologically advanced at a different rate; each forming different ethical positions on the way that civilization should be run. When a young boy named Darkchild meets a young girl called Khira, conflict begins to arise across racial and social lines.

For me, this is a novel about outsiders. Both of the central characters are children of around twelve, experiencing the complexities of the adult world for the first time. They each begin their story with a sense of loss — Darkchild has lost his memory, whilst Khira has lost her sister — and must face the complicated shift from innocence to experience. Fortunately, they form a mutually beneficial friendship to help them survive emotionally. Unfortunately, this bond is challenge when the adult characters arrive on the scene.

An enjoyable read for fans of science fiction.


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