Dan Sandman

#1 Elements of Style

In Books, Non-Fiction on 30/12/2016 at 12:00 pm

1-elements-of-styleWriting is a skill and good writing takes time. Like reading, listening, speaking, playing and all things that result in learning, writing needs to be practiced.Good writers know the rules and practice them; great writers know when to break them. Elements of Style is a textbook for anyone who wants to learn the rules and write well. Referred to as the “little book”, it was initially self-published by William Strunk Jr. for a course called English 8, which run at the close of the First World War. In 1957, one of his students, the writer W. B. White, reexamined his English professor’s work and got it published. More recently, Roger Angell updated the book, modestly changing one or two of White’s references.

I purchased my copy, published by Pearson Education Limited in 2014, from Waterstones on Camden High Street. Controversially, Waterstones have changed their company name by removing the apostrophe; thus breaking Strunk’s elementary rule of usage no. 1: ‘Form the possessive singular of nouns by adding ‘s.’ Waterstones’s CEO, James Daunt, is responsible for this awful decision.


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