Dan Sandman

#3 Things Fall Apart

In Books, Fiction on 13/01/2017 at 12:00 pm

Written in the past tense, in clear and concise prose, this historical novel explores the religious practices and cultural traditions of a village called Umuofia. The protagonist Okonkwo is a great wrestler and a great warrior; a man with many wives and much authority within the village. It is said that he has a strong chi or personal god, which has enabled him to prosper; despite his father being heavily in debt when he died. Okonkwo shows no emotion, unless it is the emotion of anger. For example, as is acceptable within the village, and to maintain his role as head of the family, he often beats his wives. Okonkwo is a great believer in the laws of his society, even when the law is against him. When Okonkwo is exiled from Umuofia for an inadvertent shooting, he must abandon his father’s village. Meanwhile, a new system of governance, accompanied by a new religious order, one ruled by white men, has begun to establish itself.

#3 Things Fall Apart.jpg


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