Dan Sandman

#6 Waiting for Godot

In Books, Fiction, Plays on 03/02/2017 at 12:00 pm

6-waiting-for-godotTwo tramps, Estragan and Vladamir, are waiting for the enigmatic Godot beside a tree. They ask each other questions, sing songs, hop on one leg and discuss the maps of the Holy Land; but Godot never comes. Whilst they are waiting, waiting for Godot, three characters join them on stage. First come Pozo and Lucky, master and servant, oppressor and oppressed. For a while, Estragan and Vladamir are bemused, as Pozo whips Lucky and orders him to “think”. After Pozo and Lucky exit, a boy enters, saying that Godot can’t make it today, but that he will be coming tomorrow. The second act is a variation on the first act, again ending with the non-appearance of Godot. In an absurd way, repeating the same actions in an apparently endless cycle, waiting for Godot, tomorrow comes, just as the sun rises each morning and falls each evening.


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