Dan Sandman

#14 The Invisible Man

In Books, Fiction, Science Fiction on 31/03/2017 at 12:00 pm

#14 The Invisible ManA stranger walks into a bar wrapped in bandages and wearing dark spectacles. So begins H. G. Wells’ classic novel about scientific discovery; the obsessive character of an inventor and the potential for hubris given to those who wield the power of science. In our age of advanced technology–emerging at the time when H. G. Wells was writing–the intellectual and moral questions raised by The Invisible Man (1897) are still relevant. Even before he discovers the means to become invisible, the invisible man steals money from his father in order to feed his obsession. From the moment he quits his work at the university, Wells’ invisible man is a rogue scientist, working as an individual outside of the law. This raises the question, should the state should control areas of technological research? The history of twentieth century conflict, beginning with the Maxim gun and ending with the Manhattan Project, challenges the assumption that technological advances benefit humanity. Technology without morality is set loose to become the tool of those who wish wield power over their fellow man. Humanity will always need stories to remind us of our potential, for both compassionate love and unyielding hatred.


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