Dan Sandman

#15 Moonraker

In Books, Fiction, Spy on 07/04/2017 at 12:00 pm

#15 MoonrakerThe third James Bond novel pits Bond against evil industrialist Sir Hugo Drax. It differs from previous Bond novels because it is set in England and deals with the Cold War threat of nuclear war. The parts when Bond is sorting through paperwork are closer to the realism found in John le Carr, as is the fictional portrayal of a contemporary political issue. Furthermore, whereas Le Chiffre and Mr. Big are caricature villains, Drax is given a believable backstory which involves a traumatic war experience. The opening of the novel, where Bond and Drax duel over the card game bridge, in an prestigious and exclusive casino called Blades, is classic Bond. As argued in Susan Hill’s introduction, Ian Fleming uses beautifully descriptive language to create a perfect sense of opulence. For critics who wish to find evidence of Fleming’s substantial abilities as a writer, these sorts of passages provide ample ammunition.


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