Dan Sandman

#22 Fire Down Below

In Adventure, Books, Fiction on 26/05/2017 at 12:00 pm

#22 Fire Down BelowIn the third part of Golding’s sea trilogy, Edmund Talbot writes in the past tense about the concluding leg of his year-long journey to Australia. Still drawing on his observations of the characters aboard the unnamed ship, but becoming less arrogant and pompous, Talbot begins to mature: both as a writer and as a person. The novel, the last completed book before Golding’s death, also presents a fantastic opportunity for Golding (through Talbot) to wrap up the sea voyage “to the ends of the earth”, attempting to tie up any loose ends along the way. Furthermore, in its way, this brilliant swansong (if we fail to include Golding’s incomplete The Double Tongue) is an optimistic farewell to Sir William’s remarkable life as a writer of the highest calibre.

I actively encourage anyone reading this tiny blog–a small drop in the vast ocean of noughts and ones we call the inetrnet–to go out and get your hands of any kind edition you can find of Golding’s sea trilogy (it comes as three separate books or as a compilation book). They are brilliant (quite literally, they light up the imagination) and perfect (I cannot find fault int them) examples of what great literature does to the recesses of our human flesh and spirit. I could wax lyrical about them all day, perhaps even compose poems for each of their characters; but mostly I shall just repeat “go out and get your hands” on one of these books an give it go.

And so, dearest reader, I am about to go on a voyage of my own to another world. It is one vaguely like Primrose Hill in London, but with more sunshine, friendship and archaeological sites than my life currently contains. Will this be my chance to keep a journal? Have Faber & Faber asked me to compose one for my millions of fans? Are there going to be a series of fascinating events to inspire my worldwide success of a first novel?

Maybe or maybe not.

Still, without a guitar and with an unfinished notepad. I venture on because I must be a writer. I must be a writer. I must.


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