Dan Sandman

#31 Nutshell

In Books, Fiction, Plays on 28/07/2017 at 12:00 pm

#30 NutshellThis novel is an interesting take on the Hamlet story. Inside his pregnant mother’s stomach, a foetus observes a conspiracy to murder. Using poison, with her brother-in-law Claude, the murderous Trudy plans to kill her husband. Like Shakespeare, Ian McEwan has us peer into the mind of his hero. As Shakespeare uses the confiding address of the soliloquy, McEwan employs the instancy of the first person. In both cases, we are privy to the philosophical outbursts of an immature man (foetus).

I am tempted to think of Stewie from hit television comedy Family Guy. In similarity to the talking baby in that show, Hamlet and the foetus have an ironic sense of humour that veers close to the darker side of humanity. Now all we need is a version where Hamlet discusses such things as philosophy with a talking dog. I’m sure somebody is thinking up the idea right now as I type.


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