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#27 The Pyramid

In Books, Fiction, Romance on 30/06/2017 at 12:00 pm

#28 The Pyramid

With the deadline for the first chapter of my Golding dissertation coming up, I have been rereading the 1967 classic The Pyramid. For those of you not familiar with the book, it’s a love story about a young man called Oliver and a young woman called Evie. If you’re looking for an easy way into Golding’s less famous novels, this is an ideal starter.

The plot makes sense, the characters are realistically portrayed and the story is told by Oliver in the first-person.

In a minor essay, part of an MA course I’m taking, I say lots of clever things about Golding’s exploration of class in To the Ends of the Earth; A Sea Trilogy, none of which will be of any interest to the general public. Basically, Golding wrote about class; I have spent all of my life living in Britain: a country I love, but one where people from all classes still, still struggle to face the age old anxieties and prejudices of the British class system.

This historic problem, which effects us all, will always rear its head when voting occurs.


  1. The vote to leave Europe (a direct split between one class of Britain and another)
  2. The vote to keep Scotland inside the United Kingdom (another barbed-wire fence)
  3. The brick wall between the Labour Party and the Conservative Party


Throughout his work, Golding argued that class was a universal problem for the British. Our recent history continues to reinforce the power of this inescapable fog, a dark force, continuing to cloud the judgement of every British person today.